X96 I.P.O. | October 30, 2016

It’s your Initial Public Offering of New Alternative from X96

Hosted every Sunday at 9pm by Corey O’Brien

•Warpaint “New Song”

•Empire of the Sun “Friends”

•Bob Moses “Tearing Me Up”

•Kings of Leon “Reverend”

•Green Day “Say Goodbye”

•NoFX “Oxy Mornic”

•Yellowcard “Rest in Peace”

•Justice “Alakazam!”

•Jimmy Eat World “Get Right (Lounge X)”

•AFI “Snow Cats”

•Leonard Cohen “On the Level”

•Glass Animals “Season 2 Episode 3”

Tune in next week for another hour of new alternative with Corey O’Brien on X96 IPO.

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