Annual X96 ‘Stache Bash’ Beard & Mustache Incident


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X96 presents the 2nd annual ‘Stache Bash’ Beard and Mustache Incident on Saturday, November 26th at Gracie’s Gastropub – 326 S West Temple in downtown Salt Lake City.

Sponsored and groomed by Jed’s Barbershop.

Featuring Utah’s “hairiest” get-together with the lovely and talented Bud Girls, prizes for the best stache and beard provided by Jed’s Barbershop, Billy Jealousy, Budweiser, and X96!

Join us Saturday, November 26th at Gracie’s Gastropub between 7:00pm – 9:00pm to join in the festivities!

Compete in one of 3 ‘Stache & Beard’ categories: Freestyle, Best Kept, and Cheesiest for prizes including a Cliffrose Lodge vacation in Zion! The winners will be selected by audience participation.

The X96 ‘Stache Bash’ is helping to raise awareness about men’s health including but not limited to testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and mental health. X96 encourages our listeners and Stache Bash attendees to contribute to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. X96 will be accepting checks on their behalf at Stache Bash on November 26th at Gracie’s or donate online here. Thank you for growing your beards & mustaches for a good cause! Love, X96.

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