3 Bit Gamer for February 1st, 2022

In the news – January puts the mega in megacorps

Lost Ark (PC) – Feb 11

  • High fantasy Korean MMORPG that’s finally being released in the US and Europe

Horizon Forbidden West (PlayStation) – Feb 18

  • Post apocalyptic action game where humans have rebuilt society on the ruins of ours
  • Oh, also there’s robot dinosaurs for some reason

Elden Ring (PlayStation, Xbox, PC) – Feb 25

  • Fantasy game focused on exploration and brutal, intense boss fights
  • The overarching backstory for the world was written by George RR Martin

What I can’t stop playing this month – Vampire Survivors

    • A single stick bullet hell that is beautiful in its simplicity – shouldn’t be as addictive as it is
    • Walk around avoiding enemies while you mow them down with ever growing efficiency
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