3-Bit Gamer with Jonathan Deesing for September 14th, 2021

The Artful Escape (PC, Xbox) – Out Now

  • Fantastical, colorful, musical platformer where you’re armed only with a guitar
  • Brainchild of Johnny Galvatron of The Galvatrons

Bus Simulator 21 (PC, PS4, Ps5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X) – Out Now

  • Drive dozens of different buses, set your own routes and timetables, play with friends online
  • Be a bus

Deathloop (PS5) – Out Today

  • Mind-bending first person stealth shooter game
  • Assassin stuck in a time loop, tasked with assassinating 8 people in one night
  • Optional multiplayer element introduces random player in your game

Pokemon Unite (iOS, Android) – September 22nd

  • Free-to-play multiplayer Pokemon game with 2 teams of 5
  • League of Legends with Pokemon – capture and control points on a split map
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