Boners of the Day for March 18th, 2019

Round One

Boner Candidate #1: Duff Man Wants a Baconator!

A Cape Coral teen was found passed out drunk in his car, while it was still running, in the Wendy’s drive-thru line on Cape Coral Parkway. Body-camera footage released from the Cape Coral Police Department shows Tristan Perry, 19, slumped over at the wheel on Thursday at 2:30 in the morning. Officers had to knock on the car windows several times to try and get him to wake up. Perry can be seen trying to hide some of the beer cans, but officers tell him to stop because they can see what he’s doing. Since Perry is 19-years-old, he was arrested for liquor possession by a person under 21 and DUI. Follow this story to get email or text alerts from NBC2 when there is a future article following this storyline.

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Boner Candidate #2: So, Crystal, what do you like to do?

A woman named “Crystal” was arrested for crystal meth in Homosassa on Wednesday. According to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office, detectives served a search warrant at 10700 West Woodland Place after it was learned that the home was used to sell significant amounts of methamphetamine. One of the home’s occupants, Crystal Huggins, 47, was arrested as a result of the investigation. Detectives had to shuffle through many layers of litter and debris both inside and outside of the home during the search. The sheriff’s office said the home also had exposed wiring, open septic and other safety hazards. It also did not have power supplied to the property, running power from a generator instead. Detectives found approximately 18 grams of methamphetamine. A portion of the drugs were recovered in areas accessible to children in the home. Detectives also found drug distribution equipment and meth already packaged for sale. The preliminary investigation revealed Huggins regularly sold methamphetamine from the home. Huggins was arrested for trafficking in methamphetamine.

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Boner Candidate #3: Well, you got a better idea?

An Oklahoma woman was caught using a T-shirt gun to launch contraband like meth, pot and cell phones over a prison fence to inmates, authorities say. Prison security at North Fork Correctional Unit in Sayre say they saw the woman launch a package into the prison yard near inmate housing without getting out of her car and pursued her as she drove away from the scene. Kerri Jo Hickman was arrested and charged with counts of introducing contraband into a penal institution, conspiracy and drug trafficking. The Oklahoma Department of Corrections said the package contained cell phones, ear buds, chargers, meth, digital scales, pot and tobacco, items that are often traded between inmates. After Hickman’s home was searched following her arrest, more drugs were discovered. She has multiple drug priors from previous offenses and remained jailed Friday.

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Round Two

Boner Candidate #1: What do you expect me to do? Yale is HARD

Less than a week after Yale fired him as the school’s women’s soccer coach for his involvement in a college admissions bribery scheme, Rudy Meredith has been accused of additional misconduct. Meredith was pursuing a master’s degree at Ohio University while coaching the women’s team and, in between allegedly accepting bribes to falsely label non-Yale athletes as soccer recruits, he “pressured” members of his team “to not only edit his academic papers but also to write significant parts of them,” according to a report by the Yale Daily News. Two of Meredith’s former players, both of whom requested anonymity, told the Yale Daily News that teammates “felt compelled to (write Meredith’s papers) because they felt it would gain them better treatment” on the team. Neither of the two players said they wrote any papers for Meredith, but both also accused former Yale athletic director Tom Beckett of taking “no action against Meredith despite numerous complaints… that spanned many years.”

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Boner Candidate #2: Mob hit? Not so much

Police have apprehended a person of interest in the murder of Gambino crime boss, Frank Cali … TMZ has confirmed. Law enforcement sources tell us cops picked up a white 24-year-old man in New Jersey Saturday morning, who is now being questioned in connection with the killing. As we reported … someone rolled up to Cali’s Staten Island home Wednesday night and opened fire on the mob boss, apparently running him over as well. Our sources say the man was apprehended in Jersey in the vicinity of a blue pickup truck — which is significant to the investigation. According to investigators, witnesses say they saw a man in a blue pickup truck slam into Cali’s parked car, prompting him to come outside. Police say about a minute after Cali confronted the man who’d struck his car, the other guy pulled out a handgun and fired 12 shots … 6 of which hit Cali. Cops say Cali then tried to crawl under the back end of the other guy’s truck before the man drove away. We’re told the 24-year-old, who has yet to be identified, has not been arrested or charged with a crime as of yet. He’s simply someone cops wanted to talk to. Our sources also tell us the dude — whom we’re being told is from Staten Island — was tracked down in part through his cell phone.

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Boner Candidate #3: You don’t want these, they’re haunted

A North Carolina thrift store has earned $1,000 off a hand-carved bedroom suite that may just be haunted. News outlets reports Habitat for Humanity Rowan County’s ReStore warned would-be customers that the previous owner reported he and his wife had “continuous nightmares” while the furniture was in their bedroom. Their dogs were also suspicious of the 1950s highboy chest of drawers and canopy bed, as they “would not stop barking at it.” The store’s director of operations, Elizabeth Brady, says two regular customers were intrigued and paid full price, but didn’t believe the furniture was actually haunted.

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