David Lynch & Chrystabell’s New Album Unveiled

David Lynch

Eternal Collaborators: Lynch and Chrystabell’s New Tune

“Sublime Eternal Love” Leads the Twin Peaks Stars’ Collaborative Cellophane Memories

David Lynch and Chrystabell, known for their previous collaborations, have reunited for a new musical venture. Their forthcoming album, Cellophane Memories, will be released on August 2 via Sacred Bones. The project is heralded by a Lynch-directed video for the single “Sublime Eternal Love,” which fans can view below.

A History of Creative Collaboration

Lynch and Chrystabell’s artistic relationship began with her contribution to the soundtrack of Lynch’s 2006 film, Inland Empire. Lynch went on to write and produce her debut album, This Train, in 2011, and they continued their partnership with the 2017 EP, Somewhere in the Nowhere. Chrystabell also gained recognition for her role as Agent Tammy Preston in Twin Peaks: The Return.

The new album, Cellophane Memories, promises an intriguing journey. Chrystabell describes it as an album that opens many metaphorical doors, inviting listeners to explore and get lost in its soundscapes. She suggests that rather than creating moods, the album reflects the listener’s internal states.

Cellophane Memories Tracklist

  1. She Knew
  2. The Sky Falls
  3. You Know the Rest
  4. So Much Love
  5. Two Lovers Kiss
  6. The Answers to the Questions
  7. With Small Animals
  8. Reflections in a Blade
  9. Dance of Light
  10. Sublime Eternal Love

Background on Chrystabell

Chrystabell, whose full name is Chrysta Bell Zucht, has carved out a unique niche with her ethereal vocals and atmospheric music. Her collaboration with Lynch has been a defining feature of her career, allowing her to blend her musical talents with Lynch’s surrealist vision.

Two recommended songs to get a feel for her artistry are “This Train” from her debut album and “Somewhere in the Nowhere” from the 2017 EP. These tracks encapsulate the haunting, otherworldly quality that defines her work with Lynch.

Background on David Lynch

David Lynch is a multifaceted artist whose influence spans across film, television, music, and visual arts. He is best known for his surreal and often disturbing films such as Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, and Mulholland Drive. Lynch’s work frequently explores the dark underbelly of American life and is characterized by its dreamlike, nonlinear narratives and striking visual style.

In addition to his acclaimed film career, Lynch has made significant contributions to television with the groundbreaking series Twin Peaks. The show became a cultural phenomenon, blending mystery, horror, and melodrama, and has maintained a devoted fanbase since its original run in the early 1990s.

Lynch’s foray into music is equally noteworthy. He has released several solo albums, including Crazy Clown Time and The Big Dream, which feature his distinctive blend of electronic, blues, and experimental sounds. His collaborations with Chrystabell showcase his talent for creating atmospheric music that complements his visual storytelling.

Lynch’s unique artistic vision and willingness to push boundaries have earned him a lasting legacy in both the film and music industries. For a glimpse into his musical prowess, listen to “Good Day Today” from his solo work and “Pinky’s Dream” featuring Karen O.

Stay tuned for the release of Cellophane Memories and the accompanying visual artistry that David Lynch brings to their latest single.

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