Dinosaur Jr. Reissues ‘Farm’ for 15th Anniversary

Dinosaur Jr.

Dino Might: Dinosaur Jr. Reissues Farm for 15th Anniversary

A Fresh Crop from the ‘Farm’

Dinosaur Jr. is celebrating the 15th anniversary of their seminal 2009 album, Farm, with a special reissue. Set to drop on August 16 via Jagjaguwar, this reissue isn’t just a simple reprint—it’s a collector’s dream with a few added bonuses. The new vinyl edition includes four bonus tracks that were initially available only on a bonus CD, featuring a standout cover of the Zombies’ “Whenever You’re Ready,” which has been released digitally today. Listen to it below.

Return to the Roots

Farm holds a special place in Dinosaur Jr.’s discography, marking their second album following their 2007 reunion with Beyond. The album reunites the original trio: J Mascis, Lou Barlow, and Murph, a lineup that fans had been eagerly waiting to see back in action. Mascis took the reins as producer, recording the album at his own Bisquiteen Studio in Amherst, Massachusetts. The result was a raw, energetic sound that echoed their early days while showcasing their evolution as musicians. Pre-order the album here.

Recent Activity

The band has kept busy since then, releasing their latest reunion album, Sweep It Into Space, in 2021. The album continued to demonstrate their ability to stay relevant in the ever-evolving rock scene.

Farm (15th Anniversary Edition) Tracklist:

01 Pieces
02 I Want You to Know
03 Ocean in the Way
04 Plans
05 Your Weather
06 Over It
07 Friends
08 Said the People
09 There’s No Here
10 See You
11 I Don’t Wanna Go There
12 Imagination Blind
13 Houses
14 Whenever You’re Ready
15 Creepies
16 Show

Artist Background

Dinosaur Jr. carved out their niche in the alternative rock scene in the mid-1980s with their unique blend of heavy guitar riffs, melodic solos, and introspective lyrics. Known for their influential sound that bridged punk and grunge, they quickly gained a dedicated following. Their early albums, such as You’re Living All Over Me and Bug, are considered classics and continue to inspire new generations of musicians.

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