Fresh X: Bush “Mad Love”

They played one of our first Big Ass Shows and have had more than a handful of hits including “Machinehead”, “Everything Zen”, “Comedown”, “Little Things”, “Mouth” and, of course, the song that can’t be killed by any conventional means, “Glycerine.” Seriously, we’d love to take a break from it, but the number of requests people make for this song is somewhat shocking. I mean, “Sixteen Stone” came out in 1994. I couldn’t even drive yet, but I had that album (I bought Green Day’s “Dookie” the same day). I’ve been driving for 21 years now, but no one seems to tire of this song…except for me, apparently. Since then, Gavin Rossdale has dabbled in acting (“Constantine”) and tried different music projects without much acclaim being known as Gwen Stefani’s husband mostly. Now he’s back to Bush. I am not sure if this song is written for Gwen, who left him for Blake Shelton (both game show hosts now – apparently more lucrative than making music these days), or for his kids. I hope it’s the latter. Otherwise, this song is just uncomfortable to listen to and would simply exist to remind me to not drunk text my exes.

Bush will release their new album on March 10th called “Black and White Rainbows.” A Bush-y title if I have ever heard one.

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