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Geek News on the Radio for April 19th, 2018

Jurassic World Trailer… Spoils?

Watch at your own risk!!!

New Solo Trailer!!!

Alien Decent VR!!!

FoxNext and Pure Imagination Studios will allow guest to experience the Alien universe like never before with a virtual reality experience known as Alien: Descent.

With the highly-anticipated Alien Day coming up later this month on April 26, fans of the sci-fi/horror franchise will get a chance to experience this universe in virtual reality. FoxNext Destinations is teaming up with Pure Imagination Studios for Alien: Descent, a “cutting-edge, free-roaming virtual reality experience” at The Outlets in Orange County, California. For those who don’t reside in Southern California, there will be additional locations announced soon. Here’s what Joshua Wexler, co-founder of Pure Imagination Studios, had to say in a statement.

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Black Hawk Comic… Film in the Making?

Frequent Spielberg collaborator David Koepp is writing the script.

Thanos Origin Book?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding into books with the release of Thanos: Titan Consumed. The book is the first of its kind for the MCU and will be an official tie-in canon story to compliment the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War and flesh out the villain before the release of Avengers 4. The Russo Brothers recently revealed that they had cut out Thanos’ origin story from Infinity War due to pacing issues, so fans who were disappointed in that news can rest easy knowing that an official book with tell the story. Thanos: Titan Consumed, by Barry Lyga, is set well before the events of Infinity War and will tell the backstory of the super villain. The story will take place before Thanos became all-powerful, when the Mad Titan was born on a “doomed world” and cast aside by its inhabitants. The story will go into details about the motivations behind Thanos’ actions in Infinity War. The official synopsis for Thanos: Titan Consumed reads as follows.

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