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Geek News on the Radio for August 17th, 2020

The First Episode Of ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Is Streaming For Free On YouTube

There’s a lot of new Star Trek content coming our way, partly because its home streaming service CBS All Access needs plenty of content to fill its coffers. But arguably the most unusual is the one called Star Trek: Lower Decks, an animated series from Rick and Morty writer and Solar Opposites co-creator Mike McMahan. The show launched on August 6, with 10 episodes released at a very non-Netflix-y one week at a time. And though you do have to be a CBS All Access subscriber to see them, they did make the maiden episode available to everyone by dropping it on YouTube. As evidenced by the Rick and Morty connection, Lower Decks isn’t a typical all-ages show. Its humor is decidedly adult, and the mayhem a lot wilder than you expect from any Trek iteration. It doesn’t even follow the usual heroes. Instead, it’s about crew members at the bottom of the food chain, hoping for promotions they’ll likely never get yet still getting involved in wild adventures. The reviews have been mixed-to-positive, but now everyone, and not just those shelling out for the umpteenth streamer, can judge the show for themselves. Alas, if you wish to watch other Trek programs, like Discovery, Picard or the forthcoming Strange New Worlds, you’re gonna have to fork over some more cash.

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Star Trek boss Kurtzman: Strange New Worlds will be episodic, “a return, in a way, to TOS”

Star Trek boss Alex Kurtzman has confirmed that the upcoming Captain Pike-led series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will return the franchise to its episodic roots with “stand-alone episodes”. reported over the weekend that Kurtzman made the remarks in a video interview with Deadline. In the interview, Kurtzman focused primarily on Star Trek: Short Treks, which is nominated for an Emmy award for Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama series. Shortly after a discussion of the themes of the Enterprise-focused Short Treks episode “Q&A”, interviewer Dominic Patten pivoted to ask Kurtzman what we could expect from Pike, Spock and Number One when we see them again in Strange New Worlds. “I think Strange New Worlds, under the guidance of Henry Myers and Akiva Goldsman, is going to be a return, in a way, to TOS,” Kurtzman said. “We’re going to do more stand-alone episodes. There will be emotional serialization. There will be two-parters. There will be larger plot arcs, but it really is back to the model of ‘alien of the week’, ‘planet of the week’, ‘challenge on the ship of the week’ with these characters pre-Kirk’s Enterprise.”

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AMC is reopening its theaters next week with 15-cent tickets

New York (CNN Business)AMC is finally reopening its theaters, and guests will need to spend just 15 cents to get in. The world’s largest movie theater chain will reopen more than 100 US theaters on August 20, the company said on Thursday. In order to commemorate its centennial, AMC is offering “movies in 2020 at 1920 prices” on opening day. That’s 15 cents a ticket. AMC closed all of its theaters in the US in March as the pandemic took hold, and the reopening has been delayed several times. (Track how box-office sales have been hit on our recovery dashboard.) AMC (AMC) added that it expects to open two-thirds of its more than 600 US theater locations by the time Christopher Nolan’s thriller “Tenet” hits theaters on September 3. AMC’s other US theaters will open “only after authorized to do so by state and local officials,” according to the company. AMC said that it’s implementing new safety and health measures to help keep moviegoers safe and curb the spread of coronavirus. That includes requiring all guests to wear masks, lowering theater capacity and upgrading ventilation systems.

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Set Visit: Everything You Need to Know About ‘New Mutants’

Previous X-MEN movies typically revolved around the teams of heroic mutants (and their occasionally reluctant colleagues) contending with major threats like Sentinels, mutant genocide, ancient malevolent entities and even the Cuban Missile Crisis. When Fox found tremendous success with DEADPOOL and LOGAN by focusing on specific characters and the personal stakes they face, THE NEW MUTANTS was developed to continue that tradition of stepping away from the expected path, gathering a small cast of characters and putting their distinct personalities and interactions in the spotlight while giving them the common goal of addressing their own issues. The scope of THE NEW MUTANTS is relatively small and more performance-driven when compared to other X-MEN movies. Aside from flashbacks, nearly the entire movie is set on the grounds of the fictional Millbury Hospital, an abandoned asylum repurposed to treat the young mutants.

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Disney+ will show a Lego Star Wars Holiday Special on Wookiee Life Day

Do you have celebration plans for Wookiee Life Day? According to Disney, it’s the galaxy’s “most cheerful and magical holiday,” so on November 17, the company will celebrate the event on Disney+ with a Lego Star Wars Holiday Special. Set immediately after The Rise of Skywalker, Rey and BB-8 go on a journey through the nine-film timeline that promises to give screen time to goodies and baddies current and past. Except it’s all done in Lego, so painted tongues will be firmly in plastic cheeks. I’ve been a huge fan of the more irreverent take that Lego brings to the Star Wars universe since the cut scenes in Lego Star Wars II—whose heart wouldn’t melt when Darth Vader whips out a Polaroid to prove to Luke that he’s really his dad? And the more recent Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures stands head and shoulders above Star Wars Resistance, at least to this middle-aged nerd.

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