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Geek News on the Radio for February 27th, 2020

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Indiana Jones 5 withouth Spielberg

Steven Spielberg won’t direct the long-touted fifth Indiana Jones movie currently scheduled for July 9, 2021. Instead, James Mangold (Logan, Ford V Ferrari) is in early talks to make the movie – an excellent choice, as anyone who’s seen the action in both of his latest movies will attest. Variety broke the story yesterday. Backing up the details in the piece is the fact that screenwriter Jon Kasdan (Solo’s co-screenwriter) tweeted out a link to it: Mangold reportedly hasn’t closed a deal to direct the movie yet. Spielberg’s apparent reasoning for leaving the project was to pass the mantle on to a new generation of filmmaker, for a fresher perspective on the series. This has happened before with Spielberg’s past movies, of course, with Jurassic Park 3 being directed by Joe Johnston and later installments only involving him as a producer.      Read More

Creepshow to Air on AMC

Creepshow season 1 will be airing on AMC later this year. The first Creepshow movie came out in 1982 and combined two horror legends, with Stephen King writing the screenplay and George A. Romero directing the feature. The film got two sequels, and in 2018 it was announced that a Creepshow TV series was being developed with Greg Nicotero as a producer. Creepshow came exclusively to Shudder and ran for a total of seven episodes last year. Shudder has become an extremely popular streaming service among horror enthusiasts due to its wide selection of horror films and TV shows. Since its inception in 2015, Shudder has continued to grow its horror library and even started releasing their own Shudder original movies such as Revenge, Party Hard Die Young, and the documentary film Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror. Shudder has a relatively low subscription cost starting at $4.75 a month, but with the several other streaming services out there, fans may not want to spend an extra $5 a month to watch Creepshow. Now, they won’t have to.     Read More

Tulsa Race Massacre and The Watchmen

Growing up in Tulsa, Okla., I distinctly remember learning all about the Sooner State’s transition from a Native American territory to becoming the 46th state in 1907, Oklahoma City supplanting Guthrie as the state’s capital in 1910 and about the land runs that began in 1889, transforming acres of public land into bustling farms and cities. What I don’t recall ever being taught in school was anything to do with the infamous Tulsa Race Massacre in 1921, in which Tulsa’s affluent Greenwood District—more commonly known as Black Wall Street—was burned to the ground by a horde of racist white folks, killing hundreds of innocent black people in the process and injuring arguably even more. That responsibility, much like other unsavory parts of American history, fell on my parents. How else could they ensure that our past never becomes our present? But perhaps pushed into action by the renewed interest in that time period courtesy of HBO’s hit series Watchmen, school districts in the state are finally ready to address what Sen. Kevin Matthews calls, “Tulsa’s dirty secret.” CNN reports that Oklahoma’s education department will provide the framework of a curriculum in April that’s designed to provide “extra support and resources” when teaching students about the massacre. It will be officially incorporated into lesson plans beginning in the fall.    Read More

Butt Boy?

Another acquisition out of the EFM in Berlin in which Epic Pictures Group has nabbed US distribution rights for the Fantastic Fest breakout comedy-thriller Butt Boy from director and co-writer Tyler Cornack. “The preternatural comedy follows newly sober detective Russell Fox (Tyler Rice) who meets his sponsor, Chip Gutchel (Cornack, stepping out from behind the camera), and whose investigation of a missing child leads him to suspect that the other man may be connected. He begins to realize that Chip’s addiction may not be to alcohol, but to something much more sinister and shocking, and that Chip may have a power that makes animals, objects, and humans disappear… in his butt.“ Adds the release: “Butt Boy is a genre-defying thriller that tackles hard-hitting themes like addiction and toxic masculinity while presenting them in an out-of-this-world reality set to shock and entertain — and boldly succeeds at both.” The film is set to release April 3rd with support from Alamo Drafthouses nationwide. Epic Picture Group has also planned an April digital and home video release in the US.     Read More

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