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Geek News on the Radio for June 7th, 2021

Michael Waldron, ‘Loki’ Writer Explains the Many Complexities of the Time Variance Authority

Unless you’re Kerry, you might not know anything about what’s going on with ‘Loki.’ Luckily, the main writer Michael Waldron does everything he can to catch everyone up to speed.

via Gizmodo

Loki Uses Twitter to Send Messages from Time Prison

Coded and cryptic tweets are coming from @MissMinutesTVA. The account is for the Time Variance Authority’s Mascot, Miss Minutes. After decoding the tweets, it seems like Loki is using the account to send messages to anyone who can receive them.

via Screen Rant

Spider-Verse’s Sequel Will Feature Issa Rae

For the next installment of ‘Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse’ Issa Rae is joining the cast. It’s likely that she’ll be the voice of Spider Woman, Jessica Drew.

via The Hollywood Reporter

Jeff Nicholas is Making a Spinoff Movie for ‘A Quiet Place’

Jeff Nicholas will be directing the third Quiet Place movie. This time however, it will be a completely separate set of characters based on the idea of John Krasinski.

via Deadline

Mark Strong Reveals the Mistake that Cost Him his Role as a Bond Villian

Mark Strong reveals that he once auditioned for the role of a James Bond Villian during the era where Peirce Brosnan played James Bond. Due to a night of over drinking, Mark ruined his chances at the role completely.

via IndieWire

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