Get to Know Your Maynard

Joe Rogan sits down with a 3-hour conversation with rock’s most reclusive frontman

Joe Rogan boasts 30,000,000 downloads a month…and that might be a humble estimate. Joe hasn’t give exact numbers to how far his reach has. Yesterday, he sat down with Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer frontman, Maynard James Keenan for a long conversation discussing Tool’s recording processes being too slow for how he likes to move, his quest for a purple belt in jujitsu, his love of food and wine – along with a new restaurant he opened in Arizona. and a lot more. If you’ve got a few hours hit play and enjoy.

From the sound of it, we have a bit to wait for a new Tool album. Maynard says he is still waiting for the foundations, but his bandmates, being the perfectionists they are, keep changing things up. Perhaps we can look toward 2018, 19, 20? Who knows?

Also, Joe Rogan is performing at Wiseguys Downtown this weekend though all four shows have been sold out since March. You’ll have to hit the classifieds if you want to go, but you’ll pay.

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