Fall Out Boy’s New “Ghostbusters” Theme is as Painful as the Trailer

Oh, Fall Out Boy. What happened?

“American Beauty/American Psycho”, song titles like “The Kids Aren’t Alright” & “Uma Thurman” and the samples. Where did it all go wrong? Now they’re twisting the knife further into my cochlea with this painful track for a film that seems to waste the talents of a stellar comedic cast (from what I’ve seen in the trailer). It’s all unnecessary. This gratification with ourselves over manufactured nostalgia and the comic-con circus that surrounds it has to stop! Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

Yes, I know it sounds like I’m screaming, “get off my lawn”, but Fall Out Boy haven’t squandered a chance to recycle or borrow rather than create since they rose from the dead and reformed in 2013. It’s a shame there weren’t real Ghostbusters that same year to save us all from this song if nothing else.

I’m just bummed because I am a fan and my friends give me puzzled looks when I admit it. With music like this, it’s getting hard to not to agree with them.

Another question, if this movie is as awful as this trailer, do I have to say I like it just to avoid being called sexist? Asking for a friend.

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