Richie T’s 3 June 29th, 2016


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Admittedly I am not a bride or even a woman for that matter BUT were I either of those I would check out Chantel Lauren. It’s a local business where each dress is “Made-to-order in an extensive process that sets it apart. Sourcing fabric from around the world, sketching designs, hand drafting patterns, and modifying fit – all to create a one-of-a-kind fit for a one-of-a-kind girl.” Truth be told I just like the uniqueness of the designs, the beautiful models in the photos, and the landscape used for the photoshoot for Chantel Lauren.



Real food for a real family that is REALLY good. There is no shortage of food and food bloggers online, but Becky from BiteOfDelight is refreshingly honest. “I’m not paleo, vegan or vegetarian, but love trying all kinds of recipes, so you’ll find a little bit of everything here.”  Easy Chicken Curry, Whirley Pop Kettle Corn, and Orange Mint Sugar Scrub are just a few of the latest recipes you will find at BiteOfDelight.

I am salt lake


It’s a blog, it has an Instagram account, a podcast but most importantly it’s ALL about Salt Lake. Every city has an underground scene and Chris Holifield, author and creator of IAmSaltLake lives, breathes,  and is everything that is Salt Lake. Currently they are in need of some financial assistance to keep the show going. If you have a shekel or two toss it to IAmSaltLake.


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