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NOFX Drops New EP Before Final Tour

Punk icons NOFX are gearing up to bid farewell with a bang, dropping a fresh EP titled Half Album. This release is a teaser for their final tour, slated to happen later this year. Fans can expect a collection of five tracks, all of which were created during the recording sessions for the 2021’s Single Album and 2022’s Double Album. Listen to the first single below.


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Catch “I’m A Rat” With A Classic Twist

The band kicked things off with the release of their single “I’m A Rat” on Wednesday, accompanied by a unique music video. In an exciting turn, the video features the now-public-domain character Steamboat Willie’s version of Mickey Mouse, giving the song an extra layer of nostalgic charm and fuck you to a large corporation. This single paves the way for the full Half Album experience, dropping on April 19th.


The Final Bow

The anticipation is high as NOFX prepares to embark on their farewell tour. The journey begins next week in Japan, promising an unforgettable series of performances across the globe. The final act will take place in Los Angeles in October, marking the end of an era for the band and their fans. Utah fans can catch the Salt Lake City concert on April 13 at the Rice-Eccles Stadium.



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Punk music has always had a way of bringing people together, and NOFX has been a significant part of many fans’ musical journeys. Reflecting on the band’s impact, it’s natural to reminisce about one’s own punk beginnings. So, what was the first punk band that caught your ear? NOFX’s final tour is not just a celebration of their career but a nod to the punk community that has supported them throughout the years.



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