Have Another Drink with Jimmy the Wine Guy on March 20th, 2020

Wine Academy of Utah

We are practicing Social Distancing thanks to the Coronavirus

While we are quarantined, have the March Radio From Hell Cocktail of the Month!

The Quarantini

● 2 oz gin (yeah we’re breaking the law)
● 2 oz grapefruit
● 1 oz lime
● ½ oz grenadine simple*

The Placebo – sub out gin with club soda…good to go

* grenadine simple syrup recipe: 2 cup pomegranite juice, 1 cup granulated white sugar, squeeze half lemon. Bring to boil, dissolve sugar, simmer for 10 – 12 minutes over medium heat until liquid shows thickening. Cool, store, refrigerate and date. Good sealed airtight for 2 weeks.



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Grad students studying disease ecology, Erin and Erin found themselves disenchanted with the insular world of academia. They wanted a way to share their love of epidemics and weird medical mysteries with the world, not just colleagues. Plus, who doesn’t love an excuse to have a cocktail while chatting about pus and poop?

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I order from the restaurant and pair a wine from the cellar! Show your support and tune in for this wine and dine tasting event!

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Thanks, wash your hands, and hey, get six feet away from me buddy!

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