Jon Smith’s Big Pile of Internet! | 03/30/17

Hey homies!  Welcome once again to “The Pile”!  Where I will do my damndest to waste the time of your companies BEST resource…  (That’s you..)

So sneak off to a corner of the worksite, or hide under your desk while you enjoy today’s PILE OF INTERNET!

Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal interview for LIFE, DEADPOOL – UNCENSORED

Entertainment reporter, Kevin McCarthy spent some time with Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal to chat about their new film LIFE.  They got a little off topic..  Fair warning this has some salty language 🙂


I’m not ashamed of the fact that the TV movie in the 90’s scared the everloving shit right out of me.  Tim Curry has been THE creppy clown version of it for more than 2 decades now, and I was very skeptical about someone taking up the roll.  Not to mention a lack of Harry Anderson/Seth Green playing Ritchie Tozier.  That’s lighting in a bottle man.  BUT.  My opinion immediately and pantsshittingly changed the second I saw this trailer.

There’s A Fart Storm Incoming!

I think every meteorologist should be legally required to share screen time with a toddler.  Every forecast, every day.    Plus, there’s nothing NOT funny about a fart storm.

“Rogue One” Spliced with “A New Hope” 

Someone is a gosh damned genius.  Spoiler alert here, Rogue One ends right where the original “Star Wars” begins.  Now that the online version of SWRO is available, we can now see what they look like spliced together.   Eeeeeeee!

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