Kilby Court, Urban Lounge, and Metro Music Hall are Opening!

Sort of…

S&S has announced that Kilby Court, Urban Lounge, and Metro Music Hall will be able to return again to hosting shows with very limited capacities beginning on June 25th!

Starting June 25th, they will kick off re-opening with very small-capacity shows. Most tickets will be priced at $15 and will be limited. They are announcing these on Monday, June 22nd.

For anyone feeling unsure of entering a public space right now, they have developed a great safety procedure that has been approved by the Salt Lake County Health Department. S&S feel confident and happy in their plans to ensure everyone’s health while enjoying live music. If you need to know what to expect when returning to your favorite local venues, they’ve added, “What’s more, we even made a safety video for each venue to give you an idea of what to expect when coming to our spaces!”

Kilby Court

Urban Lounge

Metro Music Hall

They are also renting out venues for small groups who have been practicing social distancing. For more information on that, contact [email protected].

If you need something to do this weekend, S&S is offering up the SLC Concert Cruise featuring 13 bands. Get your bicycle tuned up, put on your mask, and head out to enjoy some live music while social distancing. Tickets are on sale at

And if you’re a Bowie fan (you are) Don’t miss the Bowie SLC Concert Cruise on June 26th and 27th. Tickets for that event are also available at

Get out and enjoy the music, safely.

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