Lastest Manson Accuser says he held Gun to her Head

Marilyn Manson is learning first-hand there’s truth to the adage “when it rains, it pours.” The rocker has become the subject of a sixth abuse allegation.

Love Bailey, who calls herself a “creative artist and filmmaker,” says she was setting up a 2011 photoshoot in Manson’s home when he unexpectedly pulled a gun on her. “He took a Glock straight to my forehead,” Bailey says. “He says, ”I don’t like f***s’ as he laughs in this really dark, aggressive tone. This wasn’t a joke.”

Hours before Bailey’s revelation, Manson ex Dita Von Teese stepped forward to say she’s never witnessed the behavior that’s been described by Baily, Evan Rachel Wood, Rose McGowan, and others this week.

Will these accusations cause Manson to lose fans? Why haven’t criminal charges been filed?

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