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Misheard Lyrics: The Blink-182 Edition

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Blink-182 Fans, Did You Get the Lyrics Right?

Blink-182 dropped a bombshell with their smash hit “What’s My Age Again?” But guess what? A bunch of us have been belting out the wrong words all along. We thought the lines were, “I took her out, it was a Friday night/I walk alone to get the feeling right.” Plot twist. The real deal is, “I took her out, it was a Friday night/I wore cologne to get the feeling right.”

This lyrical mix-up isn’t just a Blink-182 story; it’s a universal experience. Who hasn’t shouted the wrong words at a concert or in the car? It’s almost a rite of passage for music fans.

But there’s more to this than just misheard words. It’s about how songs create a space for personal interpretation, where the words we think we hear often say something about us or our state of mind at the time.

What’s fascinating here is how one word can change the vibe of a song. Swapping ‘walk’ for ‘wore cologne’ shifts the narrative from a solitary stroll to a prelude to a date night. It’s subtle but powerful. Hear the band perform the song live in Salt Lake City next year. Also, relive the classic pop-punk track below:

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