Modest Mouse Celebrates 20 Years of “Good News”

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Good News for People Who Love Bad News Turns 20: Modest Mouse’s Milestone

It’s been two decades since Modest Mouse released their groundbreaking album Good News for People Who Love Bad News, and they’re marking this milestone with a special reissue. The anniversary edition is not just a trip down memory lane; it’s an enhanced experience of the beloved album that captivated millions. Scheduled for release on April 5 digitally, with a vinyl follow-up on May 17, this reissue is a must-have for fans and music enthusiasts alike. Listen below to “Ocean Breathes Salty (Poolside Remix).”

What’s New This Time Around?

The 20th-anniversary edition breathes new life into the classic album with remixes from a stellar lineup of artists, including Poolside, Justin Raisen, and MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden. To sweeten the deal, the vinyl version comes packaged with a fresh eight-page booklet, offering a deeper dive into the album’s legacy and ongoing influence.

Listen to Poolside’s refreshing take on “Ocean Breathes Salty” and feel the original vibes fused with new twists. This reissue is not just a celebration but an expansion, showcasing the timeless nature of Modest Mouse’s work.

More Than Just an Album Reissue

Modest Mouse isn’t stopping at the reissue. The band, whose latest work, The Golden Casket, dropped in 2021, is hitting the road again. Starting in May, they’re embarking on a major tour alongside Pixies and Cat Power. Learn more about the tour here.

A Look at the Expanded Tracklist

The expanded edition includes the original tracks that made Good News for People Who Love Bad News a landmark album, from “Float On” to “The Good Times Are Killing Me”. Additionally, fans are treated to remixes that reinterpret and celebrate the essence of these songs, like “Float On (Dan the Automator Remix)” and “The View (Andrew VanWyngarden Remix).”

Full Tracklist

01 Horn Intro

02 The World at Large

03 Float On

04 Ocean Breathes Salty

05 Dig Your Grave

06 Bury Me With It

07 Dance Hall

08 Bukowski

09 This Devil’s Workday

10 The View 11 Satin in a Coffin

12 Interlude (Milo)

13 Blame It on the Tetons

14 Black Cadillacs

15 One Chance

16 The Good Times Are Killing Me

17 The World at Large (Enough Love to Kill Us All Remix)

18 Float On (Dan the Automator Remix)

19 Ocean Breathes Salty (Poolside Remix)

20 Bury Me With It (Jacknife Lee Remix)

21 Bukowski (Congleton / Godbey Remix)

22 The View (Andrew VanWyngarden Remix)

23 One Chance (Dennis Herring Remix)

24 The Good Times Are Killing Me (Justin Raisen Remix)



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