Musicians Urge Politicians Not To Use Their Music Unless Authorized

Musicians have signed an open letter asking politicians to not use their songs unless permission is granted.

Mick Jagger, Lionel Richie, Lorde, Elvis Costello, Pearl Jam, Blondie, Green Day, and others have put their stamp of approval on the note from the Artist Rights Alliance.

The letter calls for U.S. political committees to “establish clear policies requiring campaigns to seek consent of featured recording artists, songwriters, and copyright owners before publicly using their music in a political or campaign setting.”

The note continues to say, “We’ve seen so many artists and estates dragged into politics against their will and forced to take aggressive action to prohibit the use of their music—usually songs that are broadcast during political rallies. It can confuse and disappoint fans and even undermine an artists’ long term income—and mostly it’s just not right.”

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