New Alkaline Trio Album ‘Is This Thing Cursed?’ Available on Vinyl Today

Matt Skiba has been busy!

Alkaline Trio’s new album Is This Thing Cursed? is available now on vinyl at indie retailers and online at  Is This Thing Cursed? was previously released on CD and streaming services in August. 

Produced and mixed by Cameron Webb (Pennywise, Motörhead), Is This Thing Cursed? is the first Alkaline Trio album written almost entirely in the studio. According to the band, the album-making process was similar to that of Maybe I’ll Catch Fire—Alkaline Trio’s darkly charged sophomore full-length, a 2000 release featuring the fan favorite “Radio.”

Is This Thing Cursed? is filled with the type of naked self-reflection and authentic personal revelations that have drawn so many punks, goths, alternative rock advocates, and music fans of all stripes to Alkaline Trio, assuring the band’s continued relevance and vibrancy, now more than 20 years into their story. It is a passionate display of truth telling emotion set to timeless melodies that’s inspired a type of reverence usually reserved for longer running icons and trailblazers.


1. Is This Thing Cursed?
2. Blackbird
3. Demon and Division
4. Little Help?
5. I Can’t Believe
6. Sweet Vampires
7. Pale Blue Ribbon
8. Goodbye Fire Island
9.  Stay
10. Heart Attacks
11. Worn So Thin
12. Throw Me To The Lions
13. Krystalline

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