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Tom DeLonge’s Leap from Music to Sci-Fi

Blink-182’s Frontman Ventures into the Unknown

Tom DeLonge, famously known for his punk rock antics with Blink-182, is taking a bold step into the literary world. This time, he’s swapping his guitar for a pen to co-author a novel, and it’s no surprise that it revolves around his fascination with UFOs. Teaming up with AJ Hartley, the pair have penned Trinity, a novel inspired by what DeLonge believes to be a pivotal UFO incident in 1962 Nevada. You can pre-order the book by clicking the image below:



From Punk Rock to UFO Research

DeLonge’s journey from punk rock stardom to UFO advocacy has been nothing short of fascinating. In 2015, he made headlines by exiting Blink-182, not for a typical rock star sabbatical, but to dive deep into the world of UFO research. His passion for the unexplained has now culminated in Trinity, set to hit the shelves on June 11th.

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A Personal Passion Project

DeLonge describes Trinity as rooted in a “seminal UFO event” that he firmly believes occurred. This novel is not just a foray into fiction for him but a manifestation of his deep-seated belief in and commitment to unveiling the mysteries of UFOs. It’s a glimpse into the mind of a musician who has always dared to look beyond the conventional, seeking answers in the vast unknown.


Engage with the Unexplained

As DeLonge ventures into this new chapter, one can’t help but wonder about the stories and secrets that lie within the pages of Trinity. It’s a bold move from punk rock to science fiction, but if anyone’s going to bridge the gap between music and the mysteries of the universe, it’s Tom DeLonge. What about you? What uncharted territories would you explore in your book?


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