Pizza Hut is Delivering Beer…Umm, Not Here, Of Course!

Pizza Hut is testing out beer delivery.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that it’s only in California and Arizona. The restaurant will use 100 locations in the two states to see if the beer sales will stimulate pizza delivery numbers. The answer is, yes. Pizza Hut started the beer delivery project in Phoenix back in December. About a third of Pizza Hut’s restaurants have liquor licenses already so if the tests come back positive, they’ll have a leg up on the competition. “Many Pizza Hut restaurants are already licensed to serve and distribute beer, without third-party services, additional fees, or extended wait times,” Pizza Hut Chief Marketing Officer Zipporah Allen told Reuters.

Would you order more from a restaurant if they delivered alcohol too?

What do you think will happen first in Utah? Medical marijuana or alcohol delivery?

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