Real Estate Announces New Album and Tour

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Real Estate Announces ‘Daniel’ and 2024 Tour

Real Estate announced the release of their sixth studio album, “Daniel,” set to hit the shelves on February 23 under Domino Records. Accompanying this announcement is the release of their lead single, “Water Underground,” complete with a music video that pays tribute to the ’90s.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

The “Water Underground” music video draws inspiration from “The Adventures of Pete & Pete,” featuring Danny Tamberelli and Michael C. Maronna from the beloved sitcom. Directed by Edmond Hawkins, the video was shot in New Jersey, close to where several band members and Tamberelli grew up. Tamberelli shared his personal connection with the band, reflecting on their shared past and the full-circle moment the video represents. Watch the video below:

Following the Rhythms of ‘Daniel’

“Daniel” follows Real Estate’s 2020 album “The Main Thing” and the 2021 EP “Half a Human”. The band collaborated with Grammy-winning producer Daniel Tashian for this project, recording it over nine days. This album continues Real Estate’s evolution, which began with their self-titled debut in 2009.

On the Road Again

After dropping “Daniel,” Real Estate will start a 2024 North American tour. One of the notable stops includes Salt Lake City’s Urban Lounge on March 3. The tour kicks off in Vancouver in March and concludes in May. Fans can catch the band in various cities, with different support acts like Florry, Marina Allen, and Water From Your Eyes at various stops.

This tour celebrates the release of “Daniel” and showcases Real Estate’s continued commitment to their unique sound. The band’s journey from their roots in the New Jersey indie scene to their current status as indie rock stalwarts is a testament to their enduring appeal and evolving artistry.

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