Sports with Amy Donaldson for March 25th, 2019


The Big Dance was less “mad” this year with just a handful of official upsets. The biggest surprise was Oregon upsetting Wisconsin. They’re the only Pac-12 team still in the tournament. TOM IZZO’S TEMPER Tantrum
No. 10 Minnesota 86, No. 7 Louisville 76
No. 12 Murray State 83, No. 5 Marquette 64
No. 10 Florida 70, No. 7 Nevada 61
No. 10 Iowa 79, No. 7 Cincinnati 72
No. 13 UC Irvine 70, No. 4 Kansas State 64
12. Oregon upset No. 5 Wisconsin. Then beat UC Irvine.
3 – Purdue vs. 2- Tennessee
3-LSU vs. 2-Michigan State
1- Duke vs. 4. Virginia Tech
1 Virginia vs. 12 Oregon
1- Gonzaga vs. 4- Florida State
1 – North Carolina vs. 4- Florida State
3 – Houston vs. 2- Kentucky
2 – Michigan vs. 3- Texas Tech
BYU women advance to the second round with a win over Auburn – 73-64. Brenna Chase scored 19 points and earned 7 assists. They will take on Stanford today at 9 p.m.     Read More
There is one perfect NCAA bracket (Men’s Tournament). This person has Gonzaga winning over Kentucky in the final.     Read More
Utah Jazz host the Suns, and their newest player – JIMMER!!! He signed a two year deal last week, bringing Jimmermania back to the NBA. Jazz beat the Bulls 114-83 on Saturday.     Read More


RSL lost to LAFC on Saturday 2-1. They play at FC Dallas March 30.

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