From Archive to Arena: The Cure Unleashes Deep Cuts on Tour

The Best of The Cure songs
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Old Classics Find New Life in The Cure’s Tour

The iconic band, The Cure, is currently touring the US. The setlist is surprising to some fans. It features two songs not performed live in over 36 years. “Six Different Ways” and “A Thousand Hours” are back in the limelight. Listen to the remastered version of “Six Different Ways” below:

At the recent Hollywood Bowl concert, a special surprise unfolded. For the first time, “Another Happy Birthday” was played live. It’s a 90s-era demo that had been in The Cure’s archives. Watch the band perform the track live:

Fans have two more nights to catch them at the Hollywood Bowl. Afterward, they’ll head to San Francisco for two more performances. And then the legendary band will perform in Salt Lake City on June 6, 2023.

This situation sparks a debate among concert-goers. Do you favor hearing ‘deep cuts’ at concerts? Or should bands stick to playing their most popular hits?

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