The Killers Drop New Track on Christmas

The Killers Brandon Flowers
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A Festive Surprise from The Killers

In a move that caught fans by surprise, The Killers dropped a new song right in time for the holidays. On Monday, the band gifted their followers with a fresh track, tentatively titled “We Did It In The Name Of Love.” This unexpected release was announced through their social media channels, stirring excitement among their audience.

In a recent interview, frontman Brandon Flowers shared some insights into the new song. He described it as having “a little bit of a spirit of Sisters of Mercy.” For those not in the know, Sisters of Mercy is a gothic rock band known for their influential sound in the 80s. This comparison hints at a possibly darker, more brooding tone for the track, a departure from The Killers’ usual style.

Interestingly, this song doesn’t feature on The Killers’ latest greatest hits album, Rebel Diamonds. However, that collection includes another new song titled “Spirit.” It leaves one wondering if “We Did It In The Name Of Love” was a late bloomer or a purposeful omission to create this holiday surprise.

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