Twenty One Pilots Singer Trending On Twitter For Taking Stance On Black Lives Matter

Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots, tweeted this morning “Black Lives Matter”, and is receiving a mixed reaction from fans.

In September of 2020, Joseph tweeted a joke about using his status and platforms to support community messages. The tweet showed a photo of him in platform shoes with the caption “Black Lives Matter”. The tweet has been deleted but not before he received a ton of backlash; he later apologized.

Some fans are upset at his tweet this morning and have responded by saying that “he’s following a ‘trend'”. Another user said, “You haven’t linked any petitions anything. you’re treating it like chainmail, you make it seem like a task when this is something so important”.

Others have said “too little too late”, while some have supported him saying “it’s never to late to say Black Lives Matter”.

What are your thoughts? Do you think he’s being sincere with his tweet?

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