Wilco Announces Upcoming Album, ‘Cousin’

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Wilco’s ‘Cousin’: A New Addition to the Family of Albums

The acclaimed band Wilco announced a new album. The christened Cousin album is slated for release on September 29.

A New Chapter in Wilco’s Musical Journey

Cousin is set to be the successor to the previous year’s twin album, Cruel Country. The first taste of this new album, a single titled “Evicted,” is already available for the eager ears of fans and critics alike. Listen below:

Wilco, a band that has been a staple in the alternative rock and indie scene since the mid-90s, is known for their unique blend of rock, folk, and experimental sounds. Their music often features complex arrangements and introspective lyrics, making each album a unique journey.

The Legacy of Wilco’s Discography

The question that lingers in the air is – what can we expect from this new addition to Wilco’s discography? What elements define the band’s musical legacy that we hope to find in Cousin?

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