Radio From Hell

Bill Frost on TV for January 8th, 2024

Secrets of Polygamy (New Docuseries, Monday Jan. 8, A&E)

Echo (New Miniseries, Tuesday Jan. 9, Disney+/Hulu)

Pete Davidson: Turbo Fonzarelli (Standup Special, Tuesday Jan. 9, Netflix)

Criminal Record (New Series, Wednesday Jan. 10, Apple TV+)

Ted (New Series, Thursday Jan. 11, Peacock)

Lift (Movie, Friday Jan. 12, Netflix)

Role Play (Movie, Friday Jan. 12, Prime Video)

Self Reliance (Movie, Friday Jan. 12, Hulu) 

Destroy All Neighbors (Movie, Friday Jan. 12, Shudder)

The Traitors (Season 2, Friday Jan. 12, Peacock)

True Detective: Night Country (Season 4, Sunday Jan. 14, HBO/Max)

Monsieur Spade (New Miniseries, Sunday Jan. 14, AMC/AMC+)

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