Radio From Hell

Bill Frost on TV for March 6th, 2023

History of the World Part II (New series, Monday March 6, Hulu)


Perry Mason (Season 2, Monday March 6, HBO/HBO Max)


Rain Dogs (New Series, Monday March 6, HBO/HBO Max)


Jared From Subway: Catching a Monster (New Docuseries, Monday March 6, ID)


School Spirits (New Series, Thursday March 9, Paramount+)


Top Chef (Season 20, Thursday March 9, Bravo/Peacock)


Luther: The Fallen Sun (Movie, Friday March 10, Netflix)


UnPrisoned (New Series, Friday March 10, Hulu)


Moonshine (New Series, Friday March 10, Freevee)


95th Academy Awards (Special, Sunday March 12, ABC)


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