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Geek News on the Radio for February 26th, 2024

Boy Kills City Trailer

Star Trek Discovery Season 5

Gareth Edwards Drops Everything for New Jurassic World

Director of “Rogue One” called the producers of the new Jurassic World movie and told them he would drop everything to take over the new movie. Well, looks like it is happening!

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Luke Bassan Working on New Dracula Movie

Vampire movies seem to be all the rage today and Luke Bassan is hopping on the bandwagon creating a new Dracula love story movie.

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Dustin Daniel Cretton Making Live Action Naruto

Naruto is one of the most well known animes around and now is getting a live action adaption by Dustin Daniel Cretton.

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Star Trek Statue in Valdez

Valdes, Alaska wants to put a statue of Commander Riker with his leg up. This would be the 3rd Star Trek statue created for the characters hometowns.

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