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Geek News on the Radio for November 8th, 2018

Netflix Is Making a Pacific Rim Anime Series

It’s a good day to be a fan of giant kaiju. Netflix has announced that it’s expanding further into animation with several new anime series, including ones based on Pacific Rim and Altered Carbon. According to Deadline, Netflix is working on five new anime. There’s a show from Cowboy Bebop writer Dai Sato that will take place in the world of Altered Carbon, the Netflix cyberpunk show based on Richard K. Morgan’s novels. Altered Carbon is currently getting ready for its second season, and this anime will further expand the story’s universe and its mythology. Gonzo, the studio behind Hellsing and Afro Samurai, is developing a series called Cagaster, based on a post-apocalyptic manga where people turn into insects. There’s Trese, a supernatural series based on Philippine folklore. And then Yasuke, a series that takes place in “a war-torn Japan of mechs and magic,” starring Lakeith Stanfield (Sorry to Bother You) as a retired ronin tasked with taking care of a mysterious child. The series comes from a graphic novel, but is based on the true story of Yasuke, a samurai of African origin.

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‘Wolverine’ Podcast Returning for Season 2

Following the initial 10-episode run of the scripted podcastWolverine: The Long Night earlier this year, Marvel Entertainment and podcast platform Stitcher have announced a second season to debut in winter 2019, titled Wolverine: The Lost Trail. The second season will follow Wolverine to New Orleans after the dramatic climax of Wolverine: The Long Night, where he discovers that a number of mutants and humans have gone missing in the city. Setting out to investigate, he’ll run into two names familiar to longtime X-Men comic book fans: Jason Wyngarde and Remy LeBeau, better known as the villainous Mastermind and the cajun thief Gambit, respectively. Richard Armitage reprise his role as the eponymous Logan for the show’s second year, with additional castmembers including Bill Irwin and Blair Brown. Bill Heck (The Ballad of Buster Scruggs) will take on the role of LeBeau. Also returning for The Lost Trail is the creative team behind The Long Night, including novelist Benjamin Percy, director Brendan Baker and sound designer Chloe Prasinos.

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‘Night of the Living Dead’ Sequel in the Works from Original Creators

We’re currently in the horror movie reboot and sequel craze, and one classic film is about to get its long-awaited return. After almost 50 years, a Night Of The Living Dead sequel is finally in the works. Bloody Disgusting has reported that a Night Of The Living Dead sequel is reportedly in the works, which ironically (or unironically) follows the celebration of this year being the film’s 50th anniversary. As the site reports, earlier this week it was revealed that Living Dead Media is planning to revive the film by giving the classic film a sequel, with a script penned from the original writers from the 1968 original.A statement from Living Dead media reads as follows: “That history and Night Of The Living Dead’s place on the Mt. Rushmore of horror films is known by most horror fans and people all over the world,” the statement reads. “But, unknown to most is that in the 1970’s, the original writers and producers of Night Of The Living Dead penned a sequel to their masterpiece.

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