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Geek News on the Radio for October 19th, 2023

Werewolf By Night in Color Trailer

Mortal Kombat Crossover Characters – New Invincible’s Omni Man and Peacemaker

Gargoyles live action reboot

Almost 30 years after first appearing as an animated television series, Gargoyles is taking flight once more, this time in live-action. Read more here!

Archer season finale Dec. 17th will be final 3 episodes – kind of like a movie

New Alien Movie – Showed the Movie to Ridley Scott and got approval

It will be title Alien: Romulus and is set to premiere in the year 2024. Read more here!


HBO Max is the most satisfactory streaming service

A recent survey amongst those who stream their television has proved MAX to be the top rated service according to Whip Media’s 2023 Streaming Satisfaction Report. Read more here!

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