Radio From Hell

Tech Talk with JD for May 14th, 2024

Get the shell outta here in Another Crab’s Treasure
  • Take control of a hermit crab and scavenge for trash weapons as you battle your way across the ocean
  • Fight crazy sea creatures turned monster as you deal with an ocean overtaken by pollution
  • Out now on everything
Take someone named Eve to meet a guy named Adam in the very subtle Stellar Blade
  • Save the Earth from monsters in a vaguely Matrix-like post apocalyptic future filled with scary monsters
  • Fight with a big sword as you try to chain combos and
  • Out now on PlayStation 5
Find your way home in Little Kitty, Big City
Sonic Mania Plus for iOS and Android is free right now if you have Netflix
Memorize any address on earth with just What Three Words
If you can’t quite remember a word, a Reverse Dictionary might be the trick
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