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Tech Talk with JD for May 28th, 2024

Rick and Morty take on Superman and Taz in WB Games’ MultiVersus
  • Warner Bros’ take on Smash Bros pits all their most famous IPs against each other in 2D battles
  • Featuring Iron Giant, Bugs Bunny, LeBron James, Shaggy, Wonder Woman, and Jake the Dog, among others
  • Free to play, so it’s definitely worth a quick look
  • Out today on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC
Get into some good habits in INDIKA
Hold the garlic, please! I’m playing V Rising
  • A vampiric twist on a classic survival crafting game
  • Avoid sunlight, suck blood, and rebuild your spooky castle as you explore the open world
  • Out on Windows now, PlayStation later this year
Having a bad day? Try the Compliment Me
If you want to take a break but get distracted easily, Take a Five is for you
  • Set your time, choose your distraction site, and indulge fully
  • Take a Five will automatically close whatever tab you open with it after the time expires
  • Back to work!
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