Radio From Hell

Tech Talk with Jonathan Deesing for February 21st, 2023

3 bit gamer
Want to run from strangely sexualized Soviet-era robots? Try Atomic Hearts!
  • A first person shooter set in an alternate history 1955 USSR
  • The crazy tech that gave the Soviets the edge has turned on them and you must shoot at it
  • Out not on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC


If you’ve got cash to burn, the wait for the PSVR 2 is over tomorrow


Create a digital dead man’s switch with I’m Still Okay
  • Designed as an automated service for seniors living alone
  • Automatically sends you an email every day, you click the button or it will notify your chosen contacts


  • If you goof off on reddit too much and your boss has caught on, use Gmail Kit


Looking to improve your writing? Try removing duplicate words
  • Simply copy and paste your selection into the site and it will show you what words you reuse most often
  • Helps you recognize which words or phrases you frequently use as a crutch
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