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Tech Talk with Jonathan Deesing for September 5th, 2023

Hop in your spaceship and explore the galaxy in Starfield
  • Fallout and Skyrim lovers will appreciate Bethesda’s latest single player RPG set in space
  • Take the role of a space explorer as you fly your ship around the Milky Way
  • Explore over 1,000 procedurally generated planets alongside handbuilt cities and worlds
  • Out tomorrow on Xbox and PC
If you liked Stardew Valley, you’re gonna love Fae Farm
The Crew Motorfest is the only game out this year that lets you race around Hawaii
  • Set during a racing festival on a scaled down version of Oahu
  • Race tons of different types of vehicles as you try to come out on top of the festival
  • Out next Thursday on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC
Classic comic book lovers rejoice, I give you Comic Book Plus
Not sure if you can eat that mold? Try Eat or Toss
  • If you’ve ever wondered about something weird growing on your food, this is the site for you
  • Explore articles or search the database for certain foods
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