2 Charged with Murder in Fatal Butt-Lift Incident

A mother and daughter in California have been charged with murder after they performed illegal butt-lift surgery on a woman who later died.

Encino residents Libby Adame and her daughter Alicia Gomez are accused of misrepresenting themselves as qualified cosmetic surgeons and performing various augmentation surgeries out of their home, the LAPD reports. “These individuals have no medical training,” says Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton. “They’re not experienced and they’re putting people’s lives at risk.”

The illegal operation was discovered after Karissa Rajpaul, who’d undergone two previous butt augmentations at the women’s home, died after going under the knife for the third time, police say. Her exact cause of death has not been revealed.

Even if it was dirt cheap, would you agree to undergo surgery in someone’s house?

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