3 Things You Never Knew About In-N-Out

Double, double, toil in animal style

The iconic In-N-Out burger chain is known for long wrapping lines and fresh burgers but here a few facts you may not have known about the burger spot.

    1. There are hidden bible verses everywhere. Verses can be found under your cup, on your burger and fry wrappers and even on employee paychecks.


    1. Crossed Palm trees mark the spot- In the founder’s favorite movie “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World,” the cast was hunting for buried treasure under crossed palm trees. He felt that In-N-Out was a treasure so the crossed palms mark the spot of each locale.


  1.  The arrow in the logo points to “pride.” The current logo which replaced the 1954 original symbolizes that pride and that “we all work under the same arrow.”


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