Airline Pilot Complains about ‘Liberal F***s’ over Radio

Apparently, at least one pilot for a major airline favors his right-wing over his left.

The unidentified pilot, who was flying into San Jose International Airport, was caught complaining about the city, its roads, and its politics over an open microphone. “F*** this place — g**damn liberal f***s,” he was heard saying. “F***ing weirdos, probably driving around in f***ing Hyundais, f***ing roads and sh*t that go slow as f***.”

An airport spokesman, who refuses to identify the airline the pilot works for, says the “very unprofessional” incident has been handed over to the Federal Aviation Administration, which has launched an investigation. “FAA regulations prohibit airline pilots from talking about subjects that are unrelated to safely conducting their flight while taxiing and while flying below 10,000 feet altitude,” an FAA rep says.

Should this pilot lose his job? Or does this really matter, considering passengers didn’t hear what he said?

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