An Arkansas waitress says she was fired after guests left a $4,400 tip



An Arkansas waitress says she was fired from her job after receiving a $4,400 tip. Ryan Brandt and another waitress were serving a 44-person party at the Oven and Tap restaurant in Bentonville.  Afterward, each guest left a $100 tip – for a total of $4,400 for the two servers. But Brandt says the restaurant asked her to pool her tip money – which would have left her with just 20%.  When she refused, the party requested a refund and gave Brandt the cash outside the restaurant. Now Brandt says she was fired, allegedly for violating restaurant policy by telling guests about the tip-splitting.  The restaurant has not addressed the details of the firing publicly. Did Brandt do the right thing here?  Should she have shared the tip with the rest of the waitstaff?  Why do you think she was fired?

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