Florida man used flamethrower to settle parking dispute!



Florida Man Uses Flamethrower To Settle Parking Dispute We weren’t going to let 2021 end without one last ‘Florida Man’ story – and this one’s a doozy. A Gainesville man is facing assault charges after wielding a flamethrower to settle a parking dispute. Witnesses say 57-year-old Andre Adams sprayed the flamethrower at a car with three teenagers inside – and continued to shoot flames as they fled.  Adams’ neighbor says it’s not the first time he’s pulled the stunt. Believe it or not, it’s fully legal to own a flamethrower in most of the U.S., and they can be purchased for about $900. Adams is facing three felony counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without the intent to kill. Did you know it was legal to own a flamethrower?  What’s your all-time favorite ‘Florida Man’ story?

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