Andrew Garfield Thinks Tom Holland Should Host The Oscars


There has been no official announcement about who will host this year’s Oscars’ Awards ceremony, but many people have chimed in with who they think should host including Andrew Garfield.

Andrew Garfield wants Tom Holland to host the Oscars this year.

He said, “I think Tom is so charismatic and such an incredible performer and actor, and I think he’d be an incredible Oscars host. I think he would be absolutely brilliant. And I would certainly be curious to see how he was as an Oscars host. He’s so charming and he’s such a showman and he’s such a song-and-dance triple-threat actor. I would be very, very confident in his confidence.”

Tom Holland did say he was contacted about the infamous hosting gig, but there is still no official word on who will host this year’s ceremony.

Do you think Tom Holland would do a great job at hosting the Oscars?

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