Australian Planks his Way into World Record Book

Traditionally, the Guinness World Records book has been reserved for people who demonstrate unique talents or skills that few others have. But one Australian man just earned himself a spot in the annual publication by staying still.

In all fairness, Daniel Scali broke a world record by planking — a position that puts a lot of strain on a person’s abs. What’s more is he held the position for nine hours, 30 minutes, and one second, easily beating the old record of eight hours, 15 minutes, and 15 seconds, according to Guinness.

Making the feat even more amazing is the fact that Scali had to do it twice. The first time, he made it all the way to nine hours and 30 minutes before Guinness judges decided they didn’t like his position and made him start again, he says.

If you wanted to get your name in Guinness World Records, what record would you try to break?

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