Bikers told to Wear Makeup after Western Australia Outlaws Face Tattoos

Lawmakers in Western Australia are advising members of biker gangs to start wearing makeup as they prepare to sign off on legislation that seeks to make face tattoos of gang insignias illegal.

Criminal Law Bill 2021 vows to “disrupt and restrict the capacity of those involved in serious and organized crime to plan, support or encourage the carrying out of criminal activity” — specifically, by prohibiting bikers from showing off their gang logos, whether they’re displayed on patches, flags or face tattoos. Anyone who’s caught violating the new law will face a 12-month jail sentence and a fine that’s equal to $8,864 in U.S. money, according to the bill.

“These laws represent the toughest and most comprehensive reforms to fight organized crime of all Australian states and territories,” says state Attorney General John Quigley. “These organisations and their patches are designed to show affiliation with criminality and intimidate others, including law-abiding citizens in our community. This will cease once these laws are in place.”

Should a law like this apply only to people who haven’t already gotten tattooed?

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