Blue Fireball Lights up Colorado Sky

A huge blue fireball lit up the early morning sky over Colorado on Sunday, according to the American Meteor Society.

The celestial phenomenon was burning so bright and flying so low — about ten to 20 miles off the ground — that Evergreen resident Josh Ellis says it fully charged his solar outdoor lights. Sightings were also reported in New Mexico and Wyoming, the Meteor Society reports.

Cloudbait Observatory’s Chris Peterson says fireballs are rare in Earth’s atmosphere; they’re usually only spotted once every few years. “It’s unusual for such a large object,” Peterson says, noting that 95 percent of meteors burn up before they get close enough to be seen. “Ten or 20 miles may not seem very close to the ground, but when we think about typical burning stars, we’re seeing things that are burning up 60 to 70 miles high.”

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen in the sky?

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